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  • One of the greatest things about being a house call doctor is we get to see patients in their home environments. It is a really personal experience to be invited into someone else’s home.

    Seeing a patient in their own home environment let’s us see exactly what it is that you may be doing that is preventing you from getting better.

    Most of us know that our normal habits and postures add up. I’ll bet you know what bad posture looks like. But, when there is a professional there to point out those little “normal” things that you are doing, the lightbulb can really come on for a lot of people.

    Being a Seattle house call doctor, is a special calling and shows a lot of trust on both sides. We are very thankful for that trust and promise it will pay off in dividends for your health.

    After that, if you decide that a house call is for you, then make your appointment online and we’ll come to you. We’ll do a complete examination and history before we do any treatment to make sure it is safe to give you an adjustment. If you are wondering whether a house call with Dr. Bailey is right for you, please give us a call today!

    The consultation is always complimentary.