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  • At House Call Seattle we believe that there is more than one way to fix a problem. If it ain’t broke, we don’t fix it and if it works, we use it. After treating thousands of patients, we hear some interesting things that patients tell us about what their last Chiropractor in Seattle did. That being said, Dr. Bailey uses a variety of techniques such as:

    Full spine manual adjustments as well as instrument adjustments.

    Extremity adjustments for any part of you like your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, or wrist for example.

    Advanced patient assisted and instrument assisted soft tissue techniques.

    Rehabilitation and exercise protocols specific to each patient.

    As well as many other options. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable expressing a preference in an area. Telling the doctor that you like or don’t like something is okay! We are just getting to know you and we are basically still dating right now. Let’s try and get to know each other and like I mentioned before, there is no one way to do anything!

    If you’re still unsure, then give us a call. The consultation is always complimentary.