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    What does it mean to have a rib go out?

  • If you ever have had a rib go out, it isn’t a pleasant experience. As a Chiropractor in Seattle, I see patients everyday and run into people who ask me about this problem. I’ve heard it again recently so, I figure it is a sign and I should write something about it.

    Humans have 12 pairs of ribs that start from a joint on the side of your spine and run around the front of your body. The first 10 of these ribs join into your sternum in the front of your body. The bottom two are “floaters”. In other words, they don’t join into any other bone, they float amongst the muscle and tissue down there.

    Ribs serve as attachment points for muscles and give your torso some structure. They move up and down when we breathe in what’s called a “bucket handle” motion.

    Rib Out of Place

    Frontal View

    Active persons as well as inactive persona can have this problem. It is basically when one or more of the ribs moves slightly up or slightly down from it’s position at the spine.

    (Side Note: for our purposes here, we are speaking of a spine to rib joint misalignment. Ribs can become out of place or misaligned in the front of the body as well.) 

    The rib then creates a good bit of pain, inflammation, and makes your next few days to weeks very uncomfortable if it stays that way. It’s like a very bad cycle that keeps getting worse.

    You’ll feel it more when you take a big breath in. It may cause a shooting pain around the front of your body to your chest. It can mimic symptoms of a heart attack and more than one unlucky Joe has spent their day in the E.R. thinking that very thing only to have a barrage of tests, CT scans, MRI’s, Xrays, Ultrasound, etc….and leave with a bill in the thousands for a problem they could have gotten fixed at the Chiro for $50.

    Sometimes, you wake up with it. Sometimes, you move the wrong way and feel it instantly. Either way, the best thing you can do is go see your Seattle Chiropractor.

    If this is your problem, I’ll know right away with almost certainty. We’ll do a very thorough exam first though to make sure. Afterwards, we can probably get you adjusted that very same day. Every patient is different, but usually they get some relief immediately and feel around 80% better by the very next day if they follow my instructions.

    If your rib is out of place give us a call! We can help you for a lot cheaper than going to the E.R.

    Joshua Bailey D.C. on sabemail
    Joshua Bailey D.C.
    Dr. Joshua Bailey is the founder of House Call Seattle. He is an actively practicing Chiropractor, entrepreneur, husband, father and CrossFitter. Connect with him on Google +, Facebook, and LinkedIn.