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  • Entertainers

    Are you in town for a one night show and know you need to get adjusted but don’t have time to find a Chiropractor, make an appointment, and then try to find the office? Entertainment performers need to prevent and treat repetitive, chronic injury so that you can get back out there on stage ASAP.

  • Families

    Are you a stay at home mom or dad that has no time to drive to the doctor, fight traffic, and then wait in the waiting room for who knows how long? How nervous do you get when you have to take your kids to the doctor’s office? Keep your entire family happy, healthy and productive at the same time in the privacy of your own home!

  • Professionals

    Sitting at a desk takes its toll! There’s no reason why you can’t be comfortable and productive today! During a morning or afternoon break, lunch hour or office time, you can obtain quality chiropractic care!
    Additionally, I have worked with numerous corporations over the years. If you think that your company would like regular house call to your office, I’m sure we can work something out that would be mutually beneficial.
    Check out our Corporate Wellness Program and then make an appointment with Dr. Bailey for an overview of what we can offer your company.

  • Athletes

    Professional and Amateur athletes alike know that keeping those little aches and pains under control before they become a BIGGER PROBLEM is the key to keeping in top performance shape as you push your body hard!
    Are you an avid golfer? Why not set up your appointment right before your Tee Time! Dr. Bailey can meet you in the clubhouse! Play your best round of golf ever and rest assured that your body is warmed up for a solid 18!